Primbee Public School

Achieve By Effort

Telephone02 4274 1974

About our school

Primbee is a PP5 which was established in 1938. It is a small school catering to the needs of the local community, which is distinctly defined by the shores of Lake Illawarra and the highway.

Primbee Public School believes that a child's primary education is vital and needs to be done in close co-operation with the child's parents. This school aims to develop the intellectual, physical, social and emotional aspects of its students and prepares them for life long learning by developing independent learners capable of coping with the changing needs of the new millennium.

The staff are committed to providing a balanced education in a safe and caring environment where individual needs are recognised and met and talents fostered. Students are encouraged to develop positive attitudes, and are given opportunities to experience success in academic, sporting and cultural fields of endeavour. Particular emphasis has been given to literacy and numeracy development and student welfare.

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